Chinese Romance Game ‘Billionaire Lovers’ Adds English Translation On Steam

Chinese Romance Game ‘Billionaire Lovers’ Adds English Translation On Steam

Chinese developer Ayacat Games has added an English translation to Billionaire Lovers (also known as Yi Wan Lianren). The short romance visual novel allows players to choose their own pronoun (he/she) with no impact to the story and has been available only in Chinese on Steam since July 2021.

Billionaire Lovers tells the story of a college graduate whose uncle gave them 100 million dollars. This sudden circumstance will turn the protagonist’s life upside down, as they become one of the richest people around and will now have to move into a mansion.

At that time, four handsome men show up and they might become love interests but there’s something fishy about all of them. The black-haired man who seems like a businessman is called Elias. The feminine-looking, pink-haired guy is Justin. The white-haired megane who seems studious is called Kyle. And last but not least we have Steven, who looks like the stereotypical rich flirt and has an OnlyFuns account.

The whole game should take around 2 to 4 hours to complete. The story is written by Otttter and the illustrations are done by Zoe. The translation was done by thirtyfiveowls, with editing by Ivana Nedic. You can check a few screenshots of Billionaire Lovers below.

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