The China Hero Project Revealed Some Awesome Games That You Have to See

The China Hero Project, an initiative by Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai, revealed their second wave of titles that gamers should really take the time to check out. Each game has been created by a small team of developers with the help of The China Hero Project who supplies support and development support to the teams that are brought into the program.


Palm Pioneer’s Sense Games studio revealed AI-LIMIT, an action RPG where players can explore a world filled with mysteries. Players assume the role of Arrisa as she fights her way through enemies and works with characters progress the game’s narrative. Players can equip armor and customize Arrisa with gear found throughout the world.

Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher

VIVA Games developed Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher has players unearth the truth about an ancient Chinese legend with the use of PlayStation VR. The players are immersed in a world of puzzles and enemy encounters where they’ll need to fight to survive. The game also features a story that uncovers the dark lore behind Chinese myths.


Developed Spikewave Games, Evotinction is a third-person stealth adventure where players will need to use hacking mechanics in order to make it out of tough situations. Stealth plays a big role in the game’s systems and allows players to use the environment, gadgets, and a handful of acquired skills during gameplay.

RAN: Lost Islands

Jolly Roger developed RAN: Lost Islands is a large-scale MMO where players will fight against each other using the setting of the 17th century as the backdrop for players to work together to take out the other teams.


Loong Force developed Convallaria is an online game where players can play through PvE and PvP modes. The focus is the game’s world and the battle system. The developer aims at delivering a well-balanced game for players as well as fine-tuning the animations for an immersive experience.

Hardcore Mecha

Rocket Punch Games developed Hardcore Mecha, previously titled Code: Hardcore, showed off new gameplay. The game features side-scrolling mech fighting and a customization feature for players to create there own mech. Additionally, players will need to travel outside their mech during missions, which is unique for these types of games.

ANNO: Mutantionem

ThinkingStars developed ANNO: Mutantionem is an RPG set in the near future where players will get to explore a giant city as well as dangerous abandoned ruins to unveil the game’s story. The game also has combat mechanics and unique design that leaves us fully impressed.


Ancient Amulator developed F.I.S.T. is a Metroidvania where players assume the role of a rabbit who uses a giant mech arm attached to his back. The game is set in a dieselpunk world where players will need to fight against enemies and seek answers. There’s also NPCs to interact with as well as items and weapons to upgrade.

In Nightmare (working title)

Magicfish Studio’s In Nightmare (working title) is set in a dark fairytale-like world that players will be able to explore. The game features themes of philosophy and knowledge as players wander further in the mysterious dream world.

Lastly, China Hero Project assures fans that development on their other titles is still underway and progressing smoothly, including fan favorites such as Lost Soul Aside, Pervader and Project Boundary.

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