China Hero Project ‘Evotinction’ Reveals PC Spring 2023 Release Window

Publisher Astrolabe Games have announced that their hack and stealth title Evotinction will be releasing for PC via Steam in Spring 2023, with wishlisting currently available. Developed by Spikewave Games and selected by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the “China Hero Project,” this title takes place in the near future within a research facility named “HERE.” Unfortunately, the AI system overseeing and controlling this facility was infected by “RED,” an unknown virus. As a result, it began attacking humans in its vicinity.

The head of the facility’s R&D division, and a designer for its core system, Dr. Liu, courageously decides to search for survivors while trying to remedy the conflict plaguing this infected AI. Liu has no combat experience of any kind, meaning that to combat threats, hacking is his best friend. Various actions will be available such as “Long-range Signal Disrupting, Radio & Electromagnetic Jamming, Hologram Illusion, Malware Implant, System Takeover, and IFF Spoofing.”

Gu Xingyan, the founder of Spikewave Games, shared the following statement:

“The Spikewave Games team is composed almost entirely of die-hard stealth game fans. Ever since we first started working on Evotinction in 2016, we have been committed to exploring a unique near-future dystopian setting that lets us tell a gripping story and explore cool, futuristic tech with the potential to enrich the stealth genre. I think you will agree that Evotinction delivers on that promise. We are very fortunate to have been selected as part of the second batch of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s China Hero Project, and are immensely grateful for all the fantastic support we have received throughout the development of Evotinction. And now, with the help of Perp Games and Astrolabe Games, Evotinction can finally take the world stage. We are extremely happy to welcome players from all over the world to experience our game on PlayStation and PC.”

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