Charles Martinet Will Perform Mario Character Voices & Sign Autographs for Events; Super Mario Bros. Wonder Will Have a New Voice Actor

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and the former voice actor of Mario, Charles Martinet, have shared a video message to fans following the latter’s official closing of the role. Most significantly, despite Martinet no longer voicing the character in the games, he will use his role as Mario Ambassador to travel around the world and meet fans, performing familiar voices at events and signing autographs.

A new voice actor has taken the helm, starting in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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In the game, Prince Florian invited Mario and his friends to the Flower Kingdom. However, when Bowser attacks and comes into contact with the Wonder Flower, he merges with the prince’s castle. Of course, the heroes set off on a quest to halt Bowser’s ambitions.

The game has six worlds that circle the petal isles, with a total of 7 areas to explore. There will be several types of environments throughout the levels, such as caves, deserts, and grasslands.

Luigi, Peach, Daisy, two Toads, and Toadette are also playable alongside Mario, and they all control the same. The Yoshi and Nabbit won’t take damage, though, so they’re for beginners. But they can still lose lives if they fall into a pit. Players can experience stages with new power-ups, badges, and the Wonder Flower that significantly alters the layout of the environment. Four-player local play will also be featured alongside indirect online player interaction.

You can view Miyamoto’s and Martinet’s video message below:

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will launch for Nintendo Switch on October 20, 2023.

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