Charade Maniacs Shares First Character Trailer Focused on the Info Team’s Three Hot Men

Idea Factory International has shared a character trailer for Charade Maniacs. It shows the first three characters out of the whopping nine love interests the otome visual novel features. They’re collectively referred to as “the Info Team”, which is probably related to the way the group is divided in Arcadia.

Charade Maniacs tells the story of a high school sophomore called Hiyori Sena. After being abducted by a mysterious, masked figure, she’s trapped in the mysterious world of Arcadia with nine men. There, they’re forced to act in dramas to have a chance to escape this place. However, one of them may be a traitor so can she really trust them?

Relevant staff members include scenario writer Uta Amemiya, whose previous works include the short episodes of the PlayStation Vita otome Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, and character designer Teita from the Norn9 series. It was originally released on PlayStation Vita in Japan back in 2018.

The new Charade Maniacs trailer shows a closer look at three love interests: Kyoya Akase, Mamoru Chigasaki, and Mei Dazai. Kyoya is voiced by Soma Saito (Collar x Malice‘s Mineo, Birushana‘s Shungen) and he’s an honest, energetic guy whose positive thinking affects the group mood for the better most of the time.

Meanwhile, Mamoru Chigasaki is a respecful man who avoids any sorts of conflicts and is always trying to help the protagonist. His hobby revolves around collecting succulent plants. He’s voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, whose previous works include Hugh from Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk and Takeru Sasazuka from Collar x Malice.

Lastly, Mei Dazai is voiced by Makoto Furukawa, who was Allan Melville in Cupid Parasite and Adage in Steam Prison. Though Mei may seem distant at first, interacting with him shows the man has a very kind heart. His grounded and vigilant nature means he’s sometimes knocking some sense into the other guys.

Check out the Charade Maniacs Info Team trailer:

Charade Maniacs is coming to Nintendo Switch on Summer 2023. Though Idea Factory International hasn’t provided a specific release date, the game’s Amazon page points it to a June 30, 2023 release, which may be a placeholder.

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