Science Adventure Fans Translate ‘Chaos;Child: The Wrong-Sider Memoirs’ Novel

Science Adventure fan group Super NS2C has announced a completed English fan translation of a roughly 300-page Chaos;Child complementary novel titled Chaos;Child: The Wrong-Sider Memoirs.

Written by Sanda Fujii and featuring illustrations by Sasaki Mutsumi, this narrative delves deeper into Chaos;Child’s cast and plot with protagonist Kurusu Nono as she recounts the events that altered her life. Fans can grasp considerable insight with new perspectives of familiar events, including from the victims themselves.

There’s plenty of context to appreciate here that’ll aid in further enjoying Chaos;Child as a whole. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to only read through this book once you’ve fully completed Chaos;Child.

The following fan members worked on this project:

  • Translation: BlabbityBla
  • Translation Checking: ChrisGLink
  • Editing: ChrisGLink, O
  • Proofreading: O
  • Design: LkProd, Rile_Zugo, Choccy, LameMan
  • Special Thanks: Zips
  • Beta Reading: Sharingan123412, KSJune, 841, Ice, Enorovan, fl4t_is_justice, smokemirror042

You can view the English translation of Chaos;Child: The Wrong-Sider Memoirs via NS2C’s website, alongside other translated supplementary Science Adventure reading material.

You can view the cover of Chaos;Child: The Wrong-Sider Memoirs below:

chaos child 1

Chaos;Child is a MAGES visual novel taking place six years after Chaos;Head Noah, focusing on a new group of characters. Protagonist Takuru Miyashiro finds himself investigating the Return of the New Generation Madness, a series of grotesque killings with some manner of connective tissue. This title received an official English localization from publisher PQube on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and by publisher Spike Chunsoft on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Chaos;Head Noah / Chaos;Child Double Pack is now available on Nintendo Switch. Further, Chaos;Head Noah is now available on Steam.

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