Chainsaw Man Vol. 6 Review – Love Bomb and Sharknado

Chainsaw Man Vol. 6 Review – Love Bomb and Sharknado

In the previous chapters, Denji met a new girl called Reze. The aftermath of this encounter is that Chainsaw Man Vol. 6 is an explosive tome through and through. With poignant character moments and a lot of action, this is a really important volume to check out.

Chainsaw Man Vol. 6 1

Ever since the beginning, Denji has always been in a harsh environment. Though he’s still just a kid, he’s used to being a tool for others who may even deny his human rights. With everything that’s happened in the story so far, Denji finds himself attached to Public Safety. A special place there goes for Makima, who always shows him new things and enraptures his attention in multiple ways.

As much as she’s shady for the reader, she’s also the one who helps him see his humanity. Even if it’s for her to exploit his vulnerabilities, it’s easy to understand why Denji’s so attached to Makima. As a counterpoint to her and his current devil-hunting life, Reze shows up. What she offers to him is the bright hope of living a simple, peaceful life. She tries to show him the kind of comfort he’d never have otherwise.

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However, the sad truth is that she’s also using him. Running away with her was never a real option at all. As shown in the previous volume, she also has her own hidden agenda related to the devils. What starts with a romantic atmosphere of festivals and fireworks leads to yet another action-packed volume. This time it’s all colored with the bittersweet tone of delusion, broken hearts, and lost futures.

Chainsaw Man Vol.6 does a great job at concluding the arc while also offering great battles. It explains Reze’s motivations but gives enough room for interpretation so people can fill in the gaps of the untold feelings. The first chapter has an interesting use of the festival context that subverts what the reader should expect. Along with the penultimate chapter’s beach scenes, these romantic environments help make Denji meeting Reze special.

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On the action side, the battles are as hectic and exaggerated as usual. Explosions, multiple casualties, and even an iconic combat situation with a shark and a hurricane devil are part of the show this time. Most of the chapters are composed of battle sequences as the characters try to survive the threat of a new devil. If the reader doesn’t pay attention, it’s easy to miss relevant twists during battles.

The volume also shows some progress in the relationship between Aki and Angel. The duo is still learning to cooperate, but Aki’s willing to even sacrifice a bit of his remaining lifetime for Angel. Their partnership is likely to grow in the future volumes.

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Chainsaw Man Vol.6 is an action-packed, hectic volume with explosions, sharks, hurricanes, and broken hearts. The aftermath of Denji’s relationship with Reze is another testament to Chainsaw Man’s unique take on devil action and the human traits of characters. Unforgettable.

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