Visual Novel ‘Cerulean Days’ Coming to Steam Next Week

Publisher NekoNyan has announced the English release date for Cerulean Days. The visual novel developed by European group Cascade of Leaves will be available on PC (Steam) on September 12, 2023. The project had a successful Kickstarter in 2019 including the promise of an 18+ edition. This is the first time NekoNyan publishes a non-Japanese title.

Cerulean Days takes place in 2020 after a biological weapon threat and an internet-less time direly affected the community of a small island called Inre. Now the young Michael and a professional pastry chef called Séverine end up finding out many hidden details about what happened, uncovering deep conspiracies while also having the chance to bond with the islanders.

Besides Séverine, the game’s description highlights Grace and Rose as specially relevant characters. Grace is a kind woman who used to be Michael’s teacher for three years but now they live together after a big tragedy affected Michael.

Meanwhile, Rose is a young girl who used to be a full-time streamer until the internet stopped being a thing in the island and everything she built with a lot of effort was gone. Feeling lost, she now has to deal with rethinking everything and finding a new way to live, trying to adapt to the reality in front of her.

Check out the opening video for the game:

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