Catherine: Full Body Receives Free Demo on PS4 in the West

Atlus has decided to launch a free demo for the puzzle adventure sim Catherine: Full Body on PlayStation 4-via PSN.

Available now, players can familiarize themselves with the unique block puzzle-solving and choice-based systems of Catherine: Full Body while they attempt to wrap their heads around what exactly is going on. This demo also wraps in with the main story so players have the chance to get to know the main characters as well as side characters who each play a large role in the overall story.

Additionally, the publisher released a new “Decisions” trailer which highlights the heavy choices that players will need to make during gameplay. Each of these choices will weigh heavily on the outcome of the player’s relationships with his girlfriend, and his other two girlfriends…you see, it gets complicated.

Catherine: Full Body also introduces a new character, Rin, who happens to harbor a secret, but also adds a third route for players to take in this strange puzzle mystery. There are also 500 puzzles for players to play through in this version of the game, making over twice as large as its original release. The game also includes a “Safety Mode” that gives players the option to just enjoy the story.

Catherine: Full Body launches on PS4 on September 3.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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