Catgirl/Doggirl Visual Novels ‘NyanCafe Macchiato’ and ‘WanNyan à la mode’ Shows Characters in Opening Movies

Following the announcement during Anime Boston, publisher MangaGamer has posted the opening videos for the newly announced visual novels Nyan Café Macchiato ~Sexy Times at the Cat Café~, and WanNyan à la mode! ~Which Girl Will You Choose? An Erotic Cat & Dog Café Experience!~ from the developer Skyfish coming to PC exclusively on MangaGamer.

The opening videos for each of the titles reveal characters from the romantic comedies to give players an idea of what’s in store. However, given that these are both more eroge titles, I’m sure you have a good idea of what you can expect. With that said, the videos beg the question, “Are you a dog or a cat person?” Well, it just so happens that these visual novels have both.

During Nyan Café Macchiato, Yamane Kouya has crossed pather with too many black cats and has had a stroke of bad luck and is forced to work at his grandfather’s cat cage, Nekotamaya. However, it seems this is the best thing that has happened to him after a trio of girls confesses their love for him. The story then turns into a harem comedy “filled with sexy adventures”.

During WanNyan ☆ à la mode!, players assume the role of a chef in training as they attend the PochiTama Pâtissier Academy. However, a special exam has been created for trainees to face off against top chefs. The story has the player making tough choices like whether they prefer catgirls or doggirls as well as the best way to beat their rivals.

In case you missed it, you can check out screenshots released last weekend.

You can watch the opening videos below:

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