Horror RPG ‘Catechesis’ Announced; Soundtrack by VA-11 HALL-A Composer

Developer and publisher Baroque Decay has announced their new horror RPG Catechesis. Having been in the works for around a decade, this title has players control a demon-possessed altar boy, Daniel.

As a result of his possession, doing good deeds opens a gate to hell, causing him to live a double life. During the day, Daniel must be virtuous, and during the night, he must battle demons. His ultimate goal is to save his grandfather’s life without ruining the world in the process.

Players can anticipate anime-style illustrations and cutscenes, stealth with improved sound and light detection, and slow-paced combat with “primary ranged and secondary melee weapons.” A twin-stick aiming system is implemented with roll evasion. Further, during exploration, players can use candles or a flashlight to find new paths, resources, and lore to enrich the game world.

The soundtrack of Catechesis is composed by Michael (Garoad) Kelly, known for their work on VA-11 HALL-A and Yuppie Psycho.

Several inspirations are also present:

The game’s overall design takes inspiration from titles like “Silent Hill,” “Deadly Premonition,” and the “Persona” series, while also following in the footsteps of RPG Maker horror classics such as “Mad Father” and “Ib.” It draws influence from recent pixel indie games like “Omori” and “Faith,” creating a unique Horror action RPG experience rarely seen in games.

Currently, six tracks from the game are available to listen to via Bandcamp. The six tracks are listed below:

  • Hymn of Tabal
  • Idolafluencer
  • Blood Gun
  • Lady of the Lake
  • The Beacon
  • The Whole Armour

The Catechesis soundtrack album art is viewable below:


You can view official screenshots of Catechesis via our gallery below:

Additionally, Baroque Decay posted a developer log detailing the history of this title’s conceptualization and development.

You can view the announcement trailer for Catechesis below:

Catechesis will launch for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox at an unknown time.

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