Cat Quest II Review – A Purrfect Adventure

Cat Quest II Review – A Purrfect Adventure

I still recall when I first discovered Cat Quest, it came off like a not-so-serious adventure game but little did I know, it soon became one of my favorite action RPG titles. So when Cat Quest II was announced, I couldn’t wait to finally get to play it. Luckily for me, this second quest wasn’t lacking in any way and only built on the established features of the first title. However, one difference here is that this adventure expands past the cat-centric story and gives players the chance to play as a dog. Effectively making this, a grand co-op adventure.

In Cat Quest II, the war between the cats of Felingard and the dogs of the Lupus Empire continues, and thus, two kings who couldn’t be more different are forced to work together to be able to reclaim their original thrones. Their end goal is that cats and dogs can one day coexist, but to do this they must work together.

Those, who played Cat Quest before, will pretty quickly notice that Cat Quest II can be seen as an upgrade to the original adventure. With that said, it’s not necessary to play the first installment before as the story, as well as the protagonists, are different. The noticeable difference here is that Cat Quest II offers more content with the addition of dogs in the plot. In this adventure, both kingdoms are separated from each other, but over time, you’ll be able to travel through each of the regions in hopes to bring harmony to lands.

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When players aren’t spending their time working through the main campaign, they’ll find themselves in various side quests. There is no shortage of quests to go on, but most of them have you go to a marker on the map and either have to defeat a group of mobs or a boss, which does get a little repetitive. Still, the combat is responsive and stays consistently fun for hours.

There’s a nice flow to battles in the game. Knowing when to strike, dodge, and unleash a powerful attack at the right time is always satisfying. Throwing in a few spells, after you fill up your mana gauge, adds a new layer of variety to the actions you can take. Cat Quest II’s combat relies heavily on timing your attacks and equipping the right armor to get through some tough encounters.

The customization options allow players to equip a headpiece, armor, and a weapon along with a furry familiar, who you can either get by completing a quest or by finding them in several dungeons across the map. Each of the dungeons in the game is unique and offer rewards for those who take the time to explore them. Additionally, there are also various puzzles that must be completed in order to progress. However, they aren’t too complicated, but they aren’t the only challenge keeping you from the exit. When everything is defeated, and every task is done, a unique treasure chest will appear containing rare items.

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In Cat Quest II, it is possible to play through the game over local co-op. This means you’ll have to meet up the old-school way in person to play with friends. However, I actually prefer this type of co-op since it allows better cooperation with those I’m playing with. During the game’s single-player mode, an NPC partner will follow you around, but you can manually switch between both characters at any time. Sadly, the NPC can do some strange things at times which would inevitably lead to our deaths at the hands of mobs. During boss battles, the AI partners will die more times than not, but they do come in handy every once in a while. Still, I feel that this was built around the local co-op feature so I believe that’s the best way to play through the game.

The artwork in the game is similar to Cat Quest, but that’s a compliment because these designs are beyond charming. During the dialogue, character illustrations are as cute as ever and hearing the characters meow or bark is simply adorable. The developers lean on the fact that this is an animal adventure and the writing doesn’t hold back the adorable puns. The soundtrack in the game also makes the adventure worth it, each track makes the game feel like you are embarking on a true quest.

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While Cat Quest II might not seem like a serious adventure, it turns into a true epic and memorable adventure. The game’s battle mechanics are responsive and have a depth to them that keeps taking out enemies fun for hours. Each dungeon and boss is unique, which makes quests in the game constantly enjoyable, even though the mission objective can be a little too similar.

Cat Quest II is just an entertaining game that allows players to take on an epic adventure at their own pace. The gameplay is solid and the characters are adorable. The message of harmony shines brightly throughout this adventure and you can’t help but want to see it through until the end. Now, cat and dog lovers must unite and experience it for themselves.

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