Casual Drawing Quiz Game ‘Koongya Draw Party’ Launches on Mobile Devices

Netmarble announced that Koongya Draw Party is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Koongya Draw Party is a casual gaming experience that takes place in real-time. During gameplay, players work together to complete a never-ending quest to solve challenging quizzes through drawing. At launch, the game features over 4,500 quizzes across 11 different languages.

Players must use their skills to join others and take on the quizzes, which they must solve in real-time with other players through rooms, character collecting, and player growth. There are also custom quizzes that players can create and share in their own neighborhoods.

“Creativity is not only a wonderful tool for building inspirational work but also for creating experiences that have the potential to delight people and allow them to connect. Seeing how individuals express this creativity through our quiz game, especially with off-the-wall and captivating artwork based on our innovative and fun language-play drawing quizzes, is always a delight to see in Korea.” Said Jung Ho Lee, Executive Producer at Netmarble. “We are excited to see how players across the globe add to our ongoing Draw Party with today’s launch.”

Currently, players have access to three different game modes, Stage Mode, Party Mode, and Adventure Mode. In Stage Mode, players will need to go through a series of levels and solve quizzes with creative drawing. On the other hand, Party Mode has players enter into playrooms online where up to four players can take turns drawing and guessing each other’s quizzes. This mode also supports private rooms where up to 100 players can join by request. Adventure Mode allows players to discover player-generated quizzes and location-based drawing within their neighborhood.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

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