Castlevania-Inspired Action RPG ‘Elderand’ Revealed for PC and Console with 2022 Release

Publisher Grafitti Games has announced that it is partnering with Brazilian indie developer Mantra to release the upcoming Metroidvania title, Elderand.

This title is strongly Lovecraftian inspired with a heavy emphasis on story-telling at its forefront. It also houses RPG elements requiring players to destroy enemies with skillfull precision and positioning. In this vast world that boasts player agency and acts of a metaphorical love letter to classic Metroidvania titles, Elderand clearly aims to leave a lasting mark.

In addition to finding items expected in Metroidvanias, such as weapons, relics, and healing items, bargaining with shopkeepers will be available to grant a more intricate sense of player choice and freedom. Mysteries in the world, strangers to befriend, and more also await players.

Will Fernandes, the founder of Mantra, had this to say regarding the title’s announcement:

Elderand is a love letter to Castlevania with modern elements that fans will enjoy. We think it will be the next great game in the genre, and we’re excited to partner with Graffiti Games to release it next year. Graffiti has a strong track record of successfully publishing indie games, and Elderand will be their next hit.”

Elderand is releasing for PC and unspecified console(s) in 2022.

You can view the gameplay trailer for Elderand below:

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