Action RPG ‘Castle in the Darkness 2’ Gets New Trailer Revealing Minimap Feature

LABS works released a new mini-trailer for the action RPG Castle in the Darkness 2, currently in development for unannounced consoles.

The trailer lets fans know that they’ve been heard as this new title will include a mini-map, which was requested by players in the first entry of the series. The team adds in a comment that they are “focusing on making this sequel an improvement in every imaginable way,” which is why the feature was added in.

The minimap will work as you’d expect one too, where players will enter a new room and then see that room visual represented in the map with a black square. When a player explore the room, it will then turn blue. Save points in the game will be represented by red and exits will be shaded yellow. Certain items can also affect the minimap in several ways, such as showing where players have uncollected items present.

Additionally, there will be a world map, where new paths and areas appear once players have completed certain requirements.

The team plans to release new mini-trailers on the 2nd of each month to update players on the game’s progress.

Castle in the Darkness 2 is a follow-up title to 2015’s Castle in the Darkness. The game is developed by Matt Kap and Simon Parzer who previously worked together on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The team promises that this new entry will add an additional layer of speed and action RPG mechanics.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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