Horror Visual Novel Neighbor Sequel ‘Carrion Crow’ Localization Launched on Kickstarter

Otusun Land launched a new crowdfunding campaign to fund the English localization of horror visual novel Carrion Crow for PC.

Currently, in production, Carrion Crow is the sequel to the very chilling visual novel Neighbor. The game tells the story of Yuuki Shouko who is attending a funeral of a death by suicide. On the way home, Shouko receives a phone call that questions her knowledge about the mysterious death.

Shouko must investigate a string of deaths with the help of her boyfriend, Watabe Kouichi. Together they discover the connection of the deaths which leads them to discover that Kouichi is next.

The Kickstarter page is asking for $10,000 to fund the English localization for the game and also help complete the game’s production. There are several stretch goals created which will add full voice acting at $15,000 and an expanded soundtrack at $20,000.

The studio plans to use the experience gained from their successful crowdfunding campaign for Neighbor and to make the process as easy as possible and deliver what backers expect.

Auther’s take: Although I didn’t back it, I definitely spread the world of Neighbor and ended up playing it and enjoying it. I’m glad to see the developer already planning on bringing the sequel to the west. Good luck to them.

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