Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Reveals Free Update Coming Later This Week Adding Three New Characters

Bandai Namco revealed a free content update for the Tamsoft-developed over-the-top soccer title, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, available on April 22, 2021.

Players will be able to play as:

  • Brazil – Pepe [FW]
  • Japan – Taichi Nakanishi [GK]
  • China – Xiao Junguang [MF]

 You can find additional update details below:

  • The Hanawa MS training route will be introduced! Become an ace player and shoot for complete victory in the league.
  • You will join Hanawa MS as a 1st-year student and challenge their powerful rivals with the Tachibana twins and other team members at the NHL.
  • Get acrobatic with two of the best aerial soccer players:
    • Kazuo Tachibana: The younger brother of the Tachibana twins, he is the captain of the team. His combination with Masao is outstanding.
    • Masao Tachibana: The older brother of the Tachibana twins. His ranking is equal to that of Kazuo but sometimes he shows his brotherly side.
  • Check out these new skills:
    • Super strength Skylab! What is this new aerial skill? You will be a talented addition to the Skylab Hurricane and develop new skills.
    • Appeal command: Tachibanas’ Scheme – When you select the player, another identical character will appear and you can communicate with him twice as much as usual.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is based on the works of series creator, Yoichi Takahashi, and follows Tsubasa Ozora as he steps up as the leader of his soccer team and brings them to glory. The game introduces players to soccer with an anime twist as players are able to execute a variety of powerful offensive and defensive moves during matches against rival teams.

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You can watch the trailer below:

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