Captain Tsubasa: Ace to Enter Early Access Soon for Western Fans

DeNA announced that players will be able to play over-the-top anime soccer wherever they go, with Captain Tsubasa: Ace coming to Early Access on Android. The game is set to launch on iOS, but Android will host the Early Access release.

However, the publisher has only launched the English website at this time, with no release date provided. Further, outside of the news release, there’s no mention of when the Early Access will begin, only that it’s coming.

In Captain Tsubasa: Ace, players are able to step into the shoes of beloved characters such as Tsubasa Oozora, Kojiro Hyuga, and Genzo Wakabayashi. This allows them to showcase the distinctive special moves associated with these characters, reexperience the narrative arcs, and engage in intense football matches that faithfully capture the essence of the series.

One of the standout features of the game is its commitment to preserving the authenticity of the source material. It holds official intellectual property rights and utilizes 3D animations to recreate iconic moments from the matches. This technology enables players to take direct control of classic characters, providing an immersive and faithful representation of the anime’s intense football action.

Captain Tsubasa: Ace also offers a diverse range of hands-on action mechanics and strategic formations, catering to the preferences of both action-oriented and strategy-focused players. The game’s comprehensive roster of officially licensed characters will be introduced gradually over time, allowing players to assemble their dream team of soccer stars. With classic storylines from the anime making a return, players can look forward to reliving the emotional highs and memorable moments that have defined Captain Tsubasa throughout the years.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of Captain Tsubasa: Ace in the West.

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