Capcom Releases Mega Man Battle Network Soundtracks on iTunes and Spotify

Capcom has released the soundtracks of the Mega Man Battle Network Gameboy Advance series on both iTunes and Spotify. There is a total of 281 tracks that span from all 7 titles of this sub-series. The release of these soundtracks also directly coincides with the first game’s 20th anniversary.

Given the recently released collections of the original Mega Man titles, Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero/ZX games, many fans hope for Capcom to develop a compilation of each of the Mega Man Battle Network games. These titles were released on the Wii U virtual console. Still, if Capcom were to port these titles to modern platforms, they would likely be divided across 2 collections, similarly to how the Mega Man X games were handled. This is all purely speculation, though.

The Mega Man Battle Network games are RPG spinoffs of the Mega Man franchise that focus on the protagonist Lan Hikari and his NetNavi, MegaMan.EXE. These titles take place in an alternate universe of the original Mega Man and are centered around the premise of networks being the subject of research rather than robots. Throughout the series, Lan and MegaMan.EXE face off against a net-crime organization known as WWW, which Wily leads.

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