New Capcom Poll Asks If You’re a Dog or Cat Person; One of These “Cats” Definitely Stands Out

Capcom has launched the fifth round of their elections via their official 40th-anniversary website, Capcom Town. The question asked this time around is a rather straightforward one: Are you a dog or a cat person?

Alongside the opening of this poll, Capcom posted two images representing both parties. The dogs’ side depicts beloved characters like Amaterasu from Okami, Rush from Mega Man, and Missile from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

As for the cat side, there’s a Palico from Monster Hunter as well as probably the most standout character across both images, Felicia from Darkstalkers. I suppose she technically counts since she’s a Catwoman. Still, I have a feeling her inclusion in this image may convince initially hesitant individuals to vote for her side—no particular reason.

You can cast your vote for this new Capcom poll via the official Capcom Town website. The voting period will conclude on October 6, 2023, and those who participate will get Twitter icons of various characters pictured above in chibi form.

Note that a vote requires the user to submit their age, email address, gender, and region.

In case you missed it, the fourth round of the Capcom Elections recently concluded, resulting in several Capcom characters receiving wallpapers of them shouting “Objection!” in a style referencing the Ace Attorney franchise.

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