Capcom Announces RE Engine Successor Code-Named REX

Capcom has published a new video detailing the history of the RE Engine, which has been used in several titles, including the latest Resident Evil entries, Devil May Cry 5, Street Fighter 6, and Ghost Trick. Dragon’s Dogma II, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy and Pragmata will also use this engine.

The four primary features of the RE Engine are high performance and stability, high development efficiency, modular design, and backward compatibility. After delving into the specifics of those emphases, the Capcom representative stated that engine management efficiency needs improvement because almost all development titles use RE Engine.

The efforts to do so are listed below:

  • Introduction and Visibility of RELauncher
  • Ensure Engine Stability and Compatability
  • Reduction of Defect Investigation Costs
  • Responding to Inquiries and Managing Issues

The majority of the video’s remaining time extensively details these steps and tangentially related facets. However, the end of the presentation briefly discusses the RE Engine’s future. One such development is a next-generation engine code-named REX, short for RE neXt Engine.

REX will not be entirely made from scratch. Instead, it will gradually introduce the new RE+X technology into the already existing RE Engine.

For more details, you can view the full presentation from Capcom R&D below:

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