Capcom 40th Anniversary Website Up; Features Playable Retro Games, Game Design Documents, Franchise Histories & More

Capcom has launched its 40th-anniversary website, called Capcom Town, featuring a series of links to information about important series from the developer, such as Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, and Monster Hunter.

The museum menu comprises more memorable facts about the company’s various franchises, and there’s a vote that grants participants two wallpapers. Another notable implementation is the CEO menu, consisting of a timeline of sorts of the company, though it’s all very digestible.

Arguably the coolest feature of the website is the menu housing playable retro games on NES and SNES, as well as the option to view their original manuals. The Japanese and English versions of Mega Man 1 and 2 and Street Fighter 2 are all playable.

One of the songs the website plays is “Pressing Pursuit,” from the first Ace Attorney game. I’ve grown so desperate for even a crumb of new Ace Attorney news that I’m taking this inclusion as a sign of an incoming reveal at the Capcom Showcase tomorrow. Of course, I’m preparing myself for inevitable disappointment.

You can view and download the official Capcom 40th anniversary wallpapers via our gallery below:

One last facet worth noting is how the game design documents for many titles, including the first Ace Attorney game from October 2, 2000, are viewable, and we get to see early versions of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth.

They’re…quite something.

Check out the full website for yourself. There’s quite a bit to enjoy.

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