Call of the Night Vol. 2 Review – Get to Love Your Vampire

    Title: Call of the Night Vol. 2
    Author: Kotoyama
    Release Date: June 8, 2021
    Publisher: VIZ Media

As the nights continue in Call of the Night Vol. 2, we get a good sense of where these characters are after the conclusion of Vol. 1. However, the brake peddle is pressed far too quickly to slow down any possible ending to this symbiotic (almost one-way) relationship. However, we get an expanded look into this world and learn more about just freeing the night can be.

Call of the Night Vol. 2 3

Call of the Night Vol. 2 puts the reader in a few more awkward situations as Ko and Nazuna become more comfortable with their agreement. Ko is still trying to figure out love, while Nazuna is busy playing mind games and just doing whatever the hell she wants. However, this volume doesn’t focus on the two as much as it did in Volume 1. Instead, we learn about them through interaction with other characters. Things become incredibly awkward when Ko and Nazuna flaunt around their strange mannerisms in front of others. It becomes almost careless how easily Ko reveals Nazuna is a vampire to strangers, but no one seems to mind.

The humor is more apparent, but the lonely undertones of the story themes still manage to creep up. Akira starts to hang out a little more, but it doesn’t really make as big an impact on Ko as I would have wished. She has no power here, and I think she realizes that as Nazuna feasts on his blood. It’s almost disheartening to witness. Further, we see the even adults need the night and a break from reality as we learn about what Nazuna does for money, but it honestly feel like a filler chapter outside a few stand-out panels of Ko being cool.

Call of the Night Vol. 2 1

We witness more emotions from Ko in this volume as we see him confused and jealous quite often. It creates a really nice opener, but it loses its steam by the ending. This volume seems to be a statement that the series won’t fall into repetition, but it’s that repetition and the interactions between Ko and Nazuna that I loved most of all. Sure, there are some creative twists here, but I wouldn’t mind 200 pages of the two characters just dealing with their own mental issues of dependency and depression. Instead, they seem to love giving advice to others, which seems like a bad idea considering they have very little figured out.

The illustrations are just as amazing in volume 2. These character’s lanky bodies and over-the-top reactions sell the moment of every scene. When Ko and Nazuna get close, it’s like you can just sense their heat. It’s super important if only because you feel that they aren’t meant for each other but still root for them. I really like Akira and hope to see more of her, that’s all I’m saying.

Call of the Night Vol. 2 2

Call of the Night Vol. 2 adds more complexity to this nighttime scene, even though it wasn’t necessary. If you thought chapters would be repetitive, well, this volume is here to prove you wrong. The world is expanding, but it’s just as lonely for Ko. As he continues on his path to becoming a vampire, the ball is in Nazuna’s court to direct how far this relationship will go.


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