Call of Duty: Mobile Launches New Zombies Update

Activision has launched the time-limited “zombies experience” for Call of Duty: Mobile today. The zombies experience brings a new way for players to enjoy the first-person shooter on iOS and Android.

During the zombies mode, players choose either Raid mode or the classic Endless Survival mode, which takes place on mobile versions of Shi No Numa, the classic swamp map that originally appeared in Call of Duty: World at War. Players enter the game with just a pistol and a knife and must take out zombies while keeping the windows repaired to earn points that are used to get better gear.

In Raid Mode, after clearing out waves of zombies, players will then participate in a boss fight to end the match. The mode features co-op gameplay, with Easter Eggs to be discovered.

This update also kicks off Season 2, adding new weapons, equipment, sprays, and gestures, fr the Multiplayer and Battle Royal modes.

In Call of Duty: Mobile, players will be able to compete in Multiplayer matches that are meant to bring the feel of first-person combat found in the COD series, to your phone. The matches will be played on maps such as Nuketown, Crash, Hijacked and more others as players gain ranks to unlock various COD characters. Players are also able to edit their loadouts and customize their characters.

There is also a Battle Royale mode, where players will fight against 99 others to survive. The mode supports solo, co-op, and up to four-player teams. During this mode, players will be able to ride in various vehicles including ATV, helicopter, and tactical raft.

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