Otome Game ‘Butterfly’s Poison; Blood Chains’ Coming to Steam with English Subtitles

Prototype has announced a Steam release of Butterfly’s Poison; Blood Chains on June, 2023. Also known as Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari, the otome visual novel developed by Aromarie was originally released in Japan in 2011 with erotic content but the console ports to PS Vita and Switch removed the steamier scenes.

As a port of the Switch version, the game includes graphic upgrades, additional scenarios, and English subtitles. The Japanese voice acting is intact and the player can choose to move from the English text to Japanese subtitles at any time. However, the explicit content won’t be officially available.

Butterfly’s Poison; Blood Chains tells the story of Yuriko, a noblewoman in the Taishou era who’s about to be forced into an arranged marriage due to her family financial situation. However, other love interests, including her childhood friend, a butler and even her own older brother may become her life companion instead.

The game is known in the otome fandom as a dark, mature story that depicts many touchy topics as it explores sinister aspects of the protagonist’s life in the Taisho era. Despite the changes for an “all-ages” edition, the general tone of the work is supposed to not be considerably affected.

Prototype has also confirmed in the announcement tweet that the game will be compatible with Steam Deck and systems with touchscreens such as Windows tablets. Check out some screenshots of the PC version:

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