Pixel Arc Studios Releases Story Trailer for Action Platformer ‘Bushiden’

Pixel Arc Studios released the debut story trailer for their action platformer Bushiden, coming to unannounced platforms.

Bushiden tells the story of Reylee, the last member of the ancient Iga-Ryu Clan. After defeating a formidable opponent, Gaoh, Reylee disappeared into the night. Evidentally, the spirit of Gaoh has returned and kidnapped Reylee’s sister forcing him to return and take vengeance once again.

In Bushiden, players will play through 7 levels as they follow Reylee on his journey. The game features large boss battles and the ability to unlock new traversal and combat abilities. Additionally, in battle players will be able to use a “crowd control” system that has been implemented to get them out of tough situations when surrounded by enemies.

Pixel Art Studio is a two-man, international team. There focus is to create games using hand-drawn pixel art and provide a sense of wonder for players.

Additionally, the studio announced that Bushiden will appear on Kickstarter in September 2018. More details for the Kickstarter will release soon.

You can check out the story trailer and some screenshots below:

Author’s take: I’ve been following the development of Bushiden and fell in love with the unique visuals and impressive character designs. With games like this and The Messanger from studio Sabotage, ninja sidescrollers are making a comeback and I’ll be sure to be on the front line supporting them.

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