RPG Maker Adventure ‘Bunny Chronicles: The Rabbit and Her Pervert’ Comes West to PC

During Anime Expo 2019, Sol Press announced their plans to publish the Loser/s developed RPG Bunny Chronicles: The Rabbit and Her Pervert to PC in the west.

Bunny Chronicles: The Rabbit and Her Pervert tells the story of the protagonist is transported to a fantasy world where no one can hurt each other, which doesn’t really make for a good RPG. However, there are ways around this which are explained in the game. Anyway, the protagonist meets his new bunny companion who he must take to the capital. Well, it just happens that the hero can’t keep his hands off the bunny companion, so you can expect some interesting moments to come from that.

The game is played as a typical RPG Maker title would featuring 16-bit sprites where players will roam around a map and interact with other characters. The game also features a story, 30 CGs, and an interactive system. Furthermore, it’s already finished being translated after being worked on by their lead translator Bango, who is currently doing the editing. The game will most likely be available soon.

This is an interesting title to come from this publisher, but it seems that they are looking to expand further down the rabbit hole of this anime girl (or guy) loving community and look into some of these more fleshed out RPG Maker titles. From what we know, there’s a lot of them.

Bunny Chronicles: The Rabbit and Her Pervert does contain some adult content, which you could have probably guessed by the title.

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