Bullet Girls Phantasia Shows Shooting Action, Enemies, and Cheeky Gameplay in New Video

D3 Publisher released a new video for their third-person shooter action title Bullet Girls Phantasia, coming to PlayStation 4 and  PlayStation Vita on August 9, with an English subtitle release in Southeast Asia available for Pre-order from Play-Asia.

The video shows a full 8-minutes of gameplay, which would otherwise be considered mediocre, but when you throw in half-naked girls things get interesting. Additionally, players get a preview of the enemies and level designs, which seem to be different from previous entries of the series. Bullet Girls Phantasia features waves of enemies open areas, compared to the hallways and closed city streets that fans might be used to. Also, players can see a handful of costume breaks down to the bare skin.

Bullet Girls Phantasia finds the well known Ranger Club transporting to a new fantasy world where they meet a new group of girls who need their help. Monsters have taken over the lands and it’s up to these girls to drive them away, but that’s easier said than done. Also, the game will feature a new mode to have players take a buddy character with them into battle.

you can check out the new gameplay trailer below, but you might not want to watch it at work:

Author’s take: Having played the previous 2 installments of Bullet Girls on Vita, I think this game seems to be at the same level of silly fun as I found the other entries to be. However, I’m interested to finally play the game in English.

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