SRPG ‘Brown Dust’ Gives Players a Valentine’s Day Gift of In-Game Items and New Mercenaries

Neowiz has launched a new Valentine’s Day update for their SRPG Brown Dust, available now on iOS and Android.

Players playing on the “Americas” server have been given a special Valentine’s Day gift from the developer. Those who enter “browndustarticle” via the in-game Coupon Code form will obtain a special reward, limited to 1 per account.

The gift contains:

  • 20 Premium Scrolls
  • 8 Emerald Slimes
  • 100 Normal scrolls,
  • 5 three-star Rank-Up Stars
  • 250,000 Gold

The package is available now through February 15 so players should redeem it quickly.

Additionally, the newest update of the game introduces two new Mercenaries and Companions. First off, Lyudmila is a five-star Warrior who can attack up to three enemies in the rear formation and is joined by Crohina as her support. Next up is Lulu, a four-star Supporter who can cast Debuff Counter and heal party members quickly. She is joined by Yevna.

Brown Dust features over 300 playable mercenaries for players to collect, 1200 unique battles, as well as an ongoing quest-driven story. Additionally, the game has a seasonal Guild War PvP mode as well as various dungeons, world bosses, and co-op raids. With the most current update, there are over 1200 stages and five different runes to use to upgrade Mercenaries’ abilities along with awakening material for the cast. The developers have also strived to create a game with an easy to follow interface and challenging levels.

In case you missed it, check out our review of Brown Dust.

You can watch the trailer below:

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