SRPG ‘Brown Dust’ Launches Collaboration With Destiny Child

Neowiz has launched a collaboration between their SRPG Brown Dust and the mobile CCG Destiny Child, available now on iOS and Android.

The collaboration, beginning on August 1 through August 14, will add three of the more popular character skins from Destiny Child to the game as players will be able to add them to their party. Basically, characters Hell, Valzé, and Refithea will be able to equip skins of Destiny Child characters Bari, Demeter, and Davi, respectively.

Brown Dust features over 300 playable mercenaries for players to collect, 1200 unique battles, as well as an ongoing quest-driven story. Additionally, the game has a seasonal Guild War PvP mode as well as various dungeons, world bosses, and co-op raids.

Destiny Child includes over 300 character card to collect and nurture. Each character has their own story that players will be able to build a party for various strategic plays in order to progress the narrative. The game originally launched in 2016 in Korea.

In case you missed it, check out our review of Brown Dust. Also, Destiny Child recently launched a collaboration event of their own with Blazblue characters.

The developer also released a trailer showing each of the characters and their news skins available in the game.

You can watch the trailer below:

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