Mobile RPG ‘Brown Dust 2’ Launches Half-Anniversary Event Offering In-Game Rewards

Mobile RPG ‘Brown Dust 2’ Launches Half-Anniversary Event Offering In-Game Rewards

Neowiz and Gamfs N announced that they have opened pre-registration for the half-anniversary of the launch of Brown Dust 2 on PC and iOS and Android devices.

Players interested in signing up can do so at the official website to secure rewards that include 10 Draw Tickets’ and unlock special merchandise through a ‘card game.’ Further, major updates and events are set to commence on December 21, immediately following the pre-registration period.

Brown Dust 2 is celebrating its half-anniversary on December 21st with a series of major updates and exciting events. To kick off the winter season, the game is hosting a special two-week login event. Players who log in consecutively during this period will receive rewards based on the number of days they participate, with prizes including ’10 Draw Tickets,’ ‘200 Diamonds,’ ’40 Cooked Rice,’ and ’40 Blood Cocktails’.

The Winter Login Bonanza invites players to enjoy the festive season with these special login rewards. Additionally, the event includes the ‘Break the Jar’ field quest, part of the ‘Windy Cat’ season event. In this quest, players use the dash function to break jars in the field, earning dice that can be exchanged for generous rewards like ‘Diamonds,’ ‘Ancient Crystals,’ and more ‘Draw Tickets.’

The ‘Break the Jar Quest’ is an integral part of the ‘Windy Cat’ field quest, where breaking jars yields valuable dice. These dice can be exchanged for rewards such as ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Ancient Crystals.’ Adding to the excitement, the game will introduce a new character, ‘Dalvi,’ on the 21st. Players can obtain ‘Dalvi’s exclusive gear ‘Thousand-year-old Hairpin’ and the ‘Bright Moon Dalvi’ costume through this character pickup event.

For fans eager to explore the new character and event features, including ‘Dalvi’s debut with her exclusive gear and costume, more comprehensive details about the ‘Brown Dust 2’ Half Anniversary, pre-registration, and events are available on the Brown Dust 2 Official Website.

We’ll keep you updated on future events.

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