Breakers: Unlock the World Showcases 10 Minutes of Gameplay; Is This Going to be Genshin’s Biggest Rival?

Vic Games Studios released 10 minutes of gameplay from their upcoming RPG Breakers: Unlock the World, releasing as a free-to-play title on PC and iOS and Android devices at an unannounced date. A Western release has not been confirmed, but the developer has brought other titles to the West, including Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King.

The gameplay highlights a few different scenes from the campaign, including exploration and interaction with townspeople. Further, players get a look at the battle system that blends action and character switching for fast combat scenarios between party members.

Breakers: Unlock the World takes place in Seraphia, a continent deeply divided by a conflict among angels, which ends up shattering the angels’ treasure, known as the “Eyes of the Angel,” a source of formidable power. The fragments of this treasure were scattered across the continent, and wherever these fragments landed, unnatural creatures emerged. Simultaneously, these fragments possessed the potential to bestow incredible power upon humans, capable of reshaping the world. Consequently, the continent experienced an era of unparalleled chaos and prosperity.

Seraphia’s diverse regions underwent independent development, ranging from bustling industrial cities to lush woodlands and desolated ruins tainted by magical pollution. The disruption caused by this pollution severed the connections between these lands, halting intercontinental travel for a time. However, a new breed of adventurers emerged, equipped with unique “airships” that allowed them to traverse the world. These adventurers became known as “Breakers” for their ability to transcend the world’s boundaries.

The primary objective of Breakers is to reach the legendary Library of God, a place said to hold the accumulated knowledge predating the continent’s division. With diverse motivations, goals, and dreams, each Breaker embarks on their own journey to attain their desires and ideals. Thus begins the epic adventure of the Breakers, who are determined to reach the fabled Library of God.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Breakers: Unlock the World.

You can watch the new gameplay below:

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