Kingdom Hearts – You Have To Listen To This Brazilian Arrangement of Vector to the Heavens

The ambitious Kingdom Hearts community fan event, March Caprice 2.0, is currently ongoing, and one of the personal highlights of the event has been the first part of the Concert Soirée. This musical extravaganza had over 90 minutes of fan-made stellar fan-made arrangements. And, the most standout arrangement to me was a Brazilian version of “Vector to the Heavens” by Kinode, FabioTheIguana, and David Russell.

“Vector to the Heavens” is commonly associated with understandable melancholy due to it being the Xion battle theme in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. She perishes soon after, resulting in one of the franchise’s most iconic and tragic scenes. So, having a more upbeat and almost jazzy track incorporation seems almost implausible and questionable. However, it somehow manages to work, and I’ve been playing it repeatedly since its initial upload. It’s an addictive, soothing remix, and has opened my eyes to how varied musical visions can be. This arrangement magnificently portrays the talent the Kingdom Hearts fanbase boasts, and I highly recommend checking out March Caprice’s official website for more events you may have missed.

Check out the Brazilian version of “Vector to the Heavens” via Kinode’s Youtube channel below:

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