Active-Time Deckbuilder, “Brave’s Rage,” Launching for PS5, Switch & PC February 2023; Countless Improvements from Early Access

Publisher Astrolabe Games has announced that the ISVR-developed “Active-Time” deckbuilding game, Brave’s Rage, will launch for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam on February 2, 2023, for $19.99.

The full release of this currently early access title will boast a brand new achievement system, 0.25x and 0.5x selectable combat speeds, as well as “Bullet-Time” and “Time-Freezing” features for more time to contemplate.

Moreover, a UI overhaul has occurred to account for differing screen sizes, and a refined storyline between Challenge Tier 1 and Challenge Tier 15 has been made. Five additional preset difficulty settings (Challenge Tier 16-20), numerous cosmetics, and the ninth Brave, The Princess, will also be added, with the lattermost unlocking once Challenge Tier 15 is cleared.

Other new facets included a “Timed Trial” mode and an overhauled game balance for a smoother difficulty curve.

The full list of features prospective players can look forward to is listed below:

  • New Designs for Braves: 7 completely new designs (“Alter-egos”) for different Braves, a total of 17 designs will different styles, will be introduced in the Full Release, unlocked through different Challenge Tiers as players progress.
  • New Foes: ~ 10 new types of carefully-designed enemies will appear in the Full Release, including some of the most powerful ones…
  • New Cards: To help deal with those fearful monsters, each Brave also sees ~ 10 new cards added to their own deck pool, respectively.
  • New Equipment: Designed and fine-tuned a number of equipment that could potentially be the key factor in determining the core playstyle for each round of adventure, providing more flexible deckbuilding ideas.
  • Improved Enemy AI: Yep, with new skills and new AIs, some enemies are now stronger than ever (in higher difficulty settings).
  • Improved Card Utility: Some previously underused cards see buffs and adjustments, providing more flexible deckbuilding ideas.

You can view new official screenshots and the key art of Brave’s Rage below:

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