Bravely Team Teases New Title Through Octopath Traveler Milestone Illustration

Bravely Team Teases New Title Through Octopath Traveler Milestone Illustration

It seems like the recently released illustration from the Bravely team contained more information about their future project then fans thought. In a new illustration posted on the team’s official Twitter account, the angle of the image is shifted to reveal a shadow which closely resembles the cover art for the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies.

The team follows up with an accompanying tweet reminding fans that Octopath Traveler sold more than 1 million copies and that they should keep an eye on Square Enix 11th Business Division for future games. Additionally, the team renamed their Twitter account with missing letters to be revealed in the future.

There is a lot to unpack in the tease, being that the image is of Airy, this could mean that fans can expect to see the fairy in a future installment of the game. However, it could also mean a re-release of Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies on Switch hardware. Coming off of such a successful launch of Ocotopath Traveler, I wouldn’t put it past them to see if they could extend the life of the game by bringing it to new players. Perhaps they could release the game uncensored in the west with all costumes and dialog scenes intact.

Whatever is the case, the team has been on a roll with the classic inspired RPG and it’s fun to follow along with the team as they slowly reveal their new projects.

You can check out the new illustration below:

Bravely Tease

Author’s take: I’m a huge fan of suspense building, but I do think this is a bit early of a reveal. Here’s to hoping whatever steam they build up for their next project lasts until the game’s release.

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