Strategy RPG ‘Brave Nine’ Launches Octos Rising Update Adding New Companions and UI Overhaul

Strategy RPG ‘Brave Nine’ Launches Octos Rising Update Adding New Companions and UI Overhaul

Neowiz announced that their strategy RPG, Brave Nine, formerly, Brown Dust, has launched the Octos Rising update for players to dive into.

Octos Rising is the game’s largest content drop of 2020 with the addition of four new legendary Dominus Octo Companions and part two of the Jump-Start Quest. Additionally, players will find a UI visual overhaul that completely repositions elements of various menus as well as improves the look of some of the button designs.

The Four New Legendary Dominus Octo companions are:

  • Luvencia – Lucius’ Companion
  • Aquila – Seto’s Companion
  • Caldreas – Beliath’s Companion
  • Lebyris – Levia’s Companion

The characters are some of the most powerful in the game with options to increase there skills from +10 to +15. The Jump-Start Quest 2 allows new and returning players to get a crash course in the game and speed up levels while gaining materials. All players who complete this questline will receive a max-leveled, ranked-up, awakened +9 Legend Mercenary in addition to other 5-star and 4-star Mercenaries to help them.

Brave Nine features over 300 playable mercenaries for players to collect, 1200 unique battles, as well as an ongoing quest-driven story. Additionally, the game has a seasonal Guild War PvP mode as well as various dungeons, world bosses, and co-op raids.

With the most current update, there are over 1200 stages and five different runes to use to upgrade Mercenaries’ abilities along with awakening material for the cast. The developers have also strived to create a game with an easy to follow interface and challenging levels.

Brave Nine is available now on iOS and Android.

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You can watch the update trailer below:

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