Mobile RPG ‘Brave Frontier’ Reveals Trigun Collaboration Details

Gumi Inc announced a collaboration event between their free-to-play mobile RPG Brave Frontier and Trigun.

The event will take place on April 15 through May 6, where players will be able to summon Trigun characters and collect various rewards. During the collaboration, players can summon Vash the Stampede, the main protagonist of Trigun. He wakes up in the world of Grand Gaia and must figure out how to get back home. Other characters making an appearance are Meryl and Milly, the agents tasked with following Vash, Nicolas D. Wolfwood, the former priest, and Legato Bluesummers.

The event will launch with a ten-day log-in event as well as a special event dungeon where players will be rewarded with Millions Knives, a gunfighter who rivals Vash. The event dungeon will feature a narrative where Vash and the group attempt to return home. The story will take place over three weeks as players collect .45 Casing Tokens to purchase Collaboration Even items.

Additionally, players can take on a challenge Dungeon, where they can fight against Vash and the other characters each week of the event. The reward for these battles are Gems and .45 Casing Tokens. Players will acquire a free Millions Knives summon for completing the dungeon on Hard Mode after April 29.

Brave Frontier is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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