Brave Frontier Details New Combat Mechanic ‘Dual Brave Burst’

Brave Frontier Details New Combat Mechanic ‘Dual Brave Burst’

Gumi released new details for their RPG Brave Frontier, available now on iOS and Android devices.

The details surround the newest update for the game which expands on the combat system known as Brave Burst. Beginning on May 29, players will be able to use Dual Brave Burst or DBB. DBB provides players with the option to combine skills of two heroes into a single special attack that provides additional damage to enemies as well as extra effects to allies or foes in battle. This will hopefully create new strategic planning during battles to enhance the playing experience.

When a player has a bonded unit in their squad, a Synergy Shard will be acquired every five turns. These shards can be collected quicker by using a character’s Ultimate Brave Burst. These Synergy Shards are used to execute the bonded unit’s DBB to launch against enemies.

To unlock the DBB option, players will need to fuse DBB potential units with special fusion materials (Elemental Golems). These are earned by completing quests or by participating in in-game events. Once the DBB is unlocked, players can then create bonds with a partner and use the option in battle. Players can create a total of 9 DBB bonds on launch day, with the following Bonded Partners:

  • Azurai & Korzan
  • Saerenthis & Tsovinar
  • Nia & Elaina
  • Tevarius & N’an-Wang-Mu
  • Sero-Anya & QiuTong
  • Beatrix & Semira
  • Xenon & Estia
  • Juno-Seto & Ensa-Taya
  • Giselle & Kranus

More information and bonding arranging will be released soon.

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