Adventure RPG ‘Brave Alchemist Colette’ Coming West to PC

Kagura Games announced plans to localize the Acerola developed adventure RPG Brave Alchemist Colette on PC-via Steam with no set release date at this time.

Brave Alchemist Colette follows the main protagonist Colette, who is an apprentice to the alchemist Priscilla. Wanting to become a powerful alchemist herself she trains night and day aspiring to be like her mistress. However, one day, Pricilla is visited by a stranger and ends up leaving without much reason. She leaves the workshop in the hands of Colette and tells her to help anyone who needs her.

Taking her very literally, Colette ends up following the instruction of her mistress and helps people in need in hopes to become a top alchemist. Although her path will lead her down a rigorous journey and have her meet strange individuals, she seems pretty up for it.

Brave Alchemist Colette features RPG systems and various customization options as well as a crafting system to expand the knowledge and skills of Colette’s alchemy. The game also has a variety of different characters who will join the party to help Colette and expand the scope of the game’s story.

You can check out the screenshots for Brave Alchemist Colette below:

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