Braid Anniversary Edition Confirmed for Switch April 2024

Jonathan Blow has confirmed that Braid Anniversary Edition will launch for Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2024. This news follows the title’s identical release date announcement for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Netflix via iOS and Android.

The original title is no longer fully compatible with modern devices, providing a level of intricate detail for Braid that was never intended.

The following message was previously shared via the game’s official website, further elucidating the necessity of this re-release:

“Well, I guess the answer is for David [Hellman] to repaint the whole game at much higher levels of detail, so that is what we did. While we were at it, we could add extra animations and effects to make movement feel better; we could use more sophisticated brush-stroke effects to animate the foregrounds and backgrounds; we could go to some of the scenes that, in retrospect, could have used more attention in terms of visual concepts like unique landmarks, and build them out into what they deserved to be.

Then we could upgrade the sound and music (the original sound effects were mostly bought by me for 99 cents each from a random sound-effects web site); Martin Stig Andersen (who worked on Control, Inside, Limbo, and other games with great audio) and Hans Christian Kock (who has done extensive film and TV work) have been handling this and the results are very moody. Don’t worry though, the soundtrack is all the same music, though the guys have done some great mixes that really amplify the mood in the late-game.”

Moreover, over 15 hours of developer commentary will be featured, with the goal of making it “the craziest, most-in-depth commentary ever put in a video game.” Plus, new puzzles will be implemented.

You can view the Nintendo Switch announcement trailer for Braid Anniversary Edition below:

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