Sci-Fi FPS ‘Boundary’ Receives Short Delay to Release on PS4 and PC; New Gameplay Trailer

Sci-Fi FPS ‘Boundary’ Receives Short Delay to Release on PS4 and PC; New Gameplay Trailer

Surgical Scalpels announced that their multiplayer FPS Boundary will now launch on PlayStation 4 and PC in Q1 2020.

Previously, the developer was planning on only releasing the PS4 build, but publisher Huya has now partnered with the developer to fund the PC version development for a simultaneous release.

“Our publishing agreement with Huya gives us the much needed time to line up a simultaneous launch across PlayStation 4 and PC platforms and moves us out of the traditionally competitive last quarter. While any delay to a well-received concept is never ideal, we want to use the additional time we have to invest into a solid product that our supportive fans and growing community deserve,” said Frank Mingbo Li, CEO, Technical Director and Founder of Surgical Scalpels.

As part of the China Hero Project’s first batch of titles revealed at ChinaJoy 2016, Boundary is the first title from the program to head to the global market. The game is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter that has players assume the role of an astronaut in space engaging in zero gravity firefights.

In the future, space is used as the ultimate environment in Boundary as players will explore a new frontier for man as Earth reaches capacity and the natural resources of the planet dwindle. However, humans never really change their ways as now they must deal with a new breed of scum and villainy from governments, mercenaries, pirates, and outlaws. Everyone is looking forward to carving out their piece of the pie in space.

Additionally, the developer also released a new gameplay trailer showing its unique space fps combat.

You can watch the trailer below:

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