Borderlands 2 VR Teleports Players Back to Pandora on PlayStation VR

2K and Gearbox Software have announced a standalone VR title, Borderlands 2 VR available to purchase December 14th, 2018 for PlayStation VR.

The game features the same procedurally-generated weapons, items, and gear from the initial Borderlands 2 game but is now in first person virtual reality perspective

The biggest notable change is the ability to slow down time with the Bad Ass Mega Fun Time skill. Also, the option to play the game with either a controller for precise movement or the PlayStation Move motion controllers to teleport glide across the map of Pandora.

Borderlands 2 VR has also excluded co-op and multiplayer options and adjusted character abilities, like Maya for example, to not rely on resurrection skills and instead increase self-healing rates. The player can also drive vehicles and fire their cannons by targeting with the headset.

Players that pre-order the title will receive a PS4 dynamic theme showcasing the game’s four playable vault hunters: Maya, Salvador, Axton, Zer0.

If you haven’t played Borderlands 2 before, it’s a first person shooter with action RPG elements. The game’s popular traits are the “87 bazillions” guns that have various characteristics and stats that are randomly generated.

The story follows one of four vault hunters as players join the resistance against Handsome Jack, the man that left you for dead and plans to control the planet for Pandora.

The game will cost $49.99 USD.

Click on the video below for the VR announcement trailer:

Author’s Take: I haven’t been a fan of FPS VR games yet. From the lack of tangible feedback and Sony refusing to update the Move Controller with modern tech, I really can’t get excited spending extra time hopping around a large map like Pandora.

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