Co-Op Puzzle Adventure ‘BOKURA’ Leaves Early Access for a Full Launch on Switch, PC, and Mobile

Kodansha Game Creator’s Lab has launched the Tokoro Nyori-developed co-op puzzle adventure, BOKURA, on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices, and PC via Steam.

BOKURA has been in Steam Early Access since February 2023. Since its release, it has been downloaded more than 90,000 times. The full launch includes cross-platform support for all platforms.

BOKURA is exclusively a two-player puzzle adventure that makes you question reality. Players are told to play on two separate machines, and while you can work together, what you see on the screen is entirely different from what your partner sees. So, for example, even though the same character should be displayed on both of your screens, to one of you, they might look like an animal out of a picture book, while to the other, they might look like a robot. (The objects you can interact with might move differently for each of you too.)

Players need to talk to each other to figure out what they can and can’t see. The game supports online play, but it doesn’t support a chat function, which may mean you’ll need to use something like Discord.

This is a game you can’t play alone. The game is meant to take about three hours to complete. During that time, players will need to talk and solve problems to get to the end. The story follows two boys who ran away from encountering a dead dear. They faint and wake up in a strange world. One of them sees animals, while the other sees machines.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

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