Bodyguard Dating Sim ‘Salty Hounds’ Kickstarter Campaign Now Open; Already Funded

South Korean developer Topping Palette has opened the Kickstarter campaign for Salty Hounds. Described as an open-world dating RPG, the otome game is focused on bodyguard love interests. With a goal of $11,026, the game has already been funded in just a few hours and it’s expected to be available on PC, Switch and mobile systems. Stretch goals haven’t been announced yet.

Salty Hounds tells the story of a girl whose name you can pick. After her father is incapacitated, she assumes the private security agency called Salty Hounds. However, there are a few complications, as the company has been struggling to get enough money. As such, you’ll have to do your best to manage the place.

At the same time, you’ll have to gain the trust of some of the men who work in the area. Those love interests have their own schedules and it’s up to the player to try their best to get more intimate with them. It’ll be possible to explore the city, raise your character’s stats, doing various activities and dating. Depending on the events seen, the player will also receive phone calls and text messages from he love interests.

There are five men to date in the game, all of which are voiced by talented Korean voice actors. Salty Hounds’ chief bodyguard Noru is one of those love interests. Voiced by Ryu Seunggon (Buried Stars’s Lee Gyu-hyuk), he’s a childhood friend of the protagonist but acts as an aloof loner and doesn’t seem to be comfortable around you.

From the rival company Haeryang Securities, we have Seha. Voiced by Son Suho (Library of Ruina’s Roland), he can easily go from gentle to ruthless mode. He’s a young and capable man who heads the other company and thus  also seems to see the protagonist as a rival of sorts.

A free spirit among bodyguards, Taemin seems to often be playful. He doesn’t even use his uniform properly, never wearing the tie. Though he may be softer than the other men, he’s also respected for his leadership. He’s voiced by Shim Gyuhyuk (Mystic Messenger’s Yoosung).

Another love interest is the criminal investigator Yujin, whose voice actor is Jang Sungho (Kaiba in the Korean edition of Yu-Gi-Oh!). He’s very capable and has a strong sense of justice, dreaming of creating a better world. A long time ago, he was also a private instructor of the protagonist.

Last but not least, we have Junho, who’s voiced by Lee Juchang (Beyond Eden’s Theodore Burton). Working for a shady security agency, he’s a gullible man who can easily fall for scams. In fact, his employer is always finding new ways to rip him off.

Check out the newest trailer below:

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