Bluebox Studios Teases Abandoned with New Cryptic Video; Are You Ready?

BlueBox Studios recently tweeted out a six-second video of Abandoned, with a man walking towards a door, asking one simple question. Are you ready? The video itself doesn’t have much to go on, but taking a look at the video myself, I saw a few interesting things. The first being the man walking into view. He is simply wearing a green jacket, blue jeans, and brown shoes.

These clothes could be any person there; however, this is familiar if you have been following some of the rumors regarding this project. James Sunderland wore this exact outfit in Silent Hill 2. As he walks, the video only shows him taking five steps evenly placed, with the last numbered game being four; this could be pointing to what fans have been screaming for this entire time. A new Silent Hill may be on the way.

Some fans have even said that they could see Pyramid Head in the floorboards. While looking, I couldn’t see it myself, but others have said that it was in the bottom middle of the floorboards. Either way, Abandoned looks like it could be at the very least inspired by Hideo Kojima and the Silent Hill franchise as a whole.

The experience is set to launch today with a small delay due to an error with the patch. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on when it will be up but expect it to be very soon. So the question still stands. Are you ready?

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