Here’s an Overview of Blue Reflection: Second Light; The Magical Girl RPG Coming Later This Year

Koei Tecmo released gameplay details about the Gust-developed adventure RPG Blue Reflection: Second Light coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam on November 8, 2021.

Blue Reflection: Second Light follows three students, Ao Hoshizaki, Kokoro Utsubo, and Yuki Kinjou, who have just been transported to a floating academy with no way home and only their names as memories. Outside the academy, a new area appears called “Heartscape” since it surrounds the world they inhabit.

Here in Heartscape, the characters can find resources for survival, crafting, and battle. Further, they come across memory shards; pieces of their memory come back to them when touched.

However, this place becomes more dangerous as monsters appear. This leads the girls to transform, which resembles a magical girl animation, and they take part in real-time battles.

During the battle, the girls use Ether Point to use action. As the fight continues, you can unleash multiple skills at once and increase the amount of damage dealt to the enemy. This is done by increasing Gears. In the third Gear, the girls can transform further into their Reflectors mode and unleash a powerful skill. When an enemy falters, a One-on-One battle takes place, where action becomes faster, and players have to dodge attacks and attack to unleash a finisher.

Along the way, Hiori Hirahara and Shiho Kasuga join the group who have also lost their memories, but they all feel strangely connected. The new members help plan the makeover of the Academy, including the construction of a secret base. Using the tools collected on Heartscape, the characters will be able to build special facilities inside the academy, and once built, entering these new facilities can spark special events.

But while planning the new construction, Ao was bugged by something. It was the mysterious person who she first encountered when she arrived in this world. Kokoro and the others also saw her, as this ghost-like character appears in the most unexpected places and moments. The group of friends decides to call this spirit Yuko, but it leaves them wondering who they might encounter in this strange new world.

That’s all the information we have now, but we’ll keep providing new details as they’re revealed.

Here’s a tone of screenshots:

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