Mobile RPG ‘Blue Archive’ Launches Teaser Website and Trailer Ahead of Western Release

Nexon has launched a teaser website for the NAT Games-developed Blue Archive coming west to iOS and Android.

While the website doesn’t reveal too much, those interested can check it out and chat with the main NPC named Arona using the in-game messenger app. This version of “Momotalk” is just a way to prepare western players for the seemingly adorable adventure that awaits them.

Blue Archive is a new IP from the publisher led by Producer Yong-ha Kim, mainly collecting waifus and taking on story missions. The gameplay focuses on its narrative, where players will witness students’ daily lives at academies and clubs.

Gameplay features unique animation styles and a constantly changing, full-3D battle between students attending academies and clubs.

Blue Archive was initially released in Japan in February and ranked 4th and 8th in top game sales in the Google Play and App Store. A schedule for the global launch1 will be announced at a later date.

This global release will be handled by Nexon proper, while their subsidiary NAT Games works on events for Japanese players. We’ll see how this plays into the monetization and any events.

You can watch the new trailer CG trailer for Blue Archive below that shows some of the characters:

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