Blue Archive Launches “New Year’s Aperitif: One-And-Done Match” Story Event Even Though We’re in the Middle of 2023

Nexon revealed a new event for the NAT Games-developed Blue Archive in the west. In the New Year’s Aperitif: One-and-Done Match story event, players celebrate the “new year” early, and the Gourmet Research Society takes on unimaginable obstacles so they can enjoy delicious food. Players can join their fight against the major distribution company, Nyao Foods, in a cookoff to save Sparrow.

Two new students join the battlefield as well: Haruna (New Year), who is an Explosive-type Striker student from Gehenna Academy and Fuuka (New Year), a Piercing-type Special student from the same academy. When Haruna (New Year) uses her EX Skill, Gourmand’s Rage, she deals damage proportional to her ATK to up to five enemies in order. She also deals damage in a circle around her. As for Fuuka (New Year), her EX Skill, School Lunch Club’s Osechi, reduces the cost of EX skills for one ally by up to 50% while increasing their Crit DMG.

Furthermore, Mission 21 has been updated to include new missions where players can earn Pyroxenes by completing tasks, leveling up student skills and earning and using Credits. Nexon also released two new PVs on Blue Archive’s official YouTube channel that features a different side of the Gourmet Research Society students, including Fuuka, Haruna, and Junko from the School Lunch Club as they welcome the new year…even though we’re still entering July, and 2024 is still a few months away.

Blue Archive is available now on iOS and Android.

You can watch the trailer below:

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