Mobile RPG ‘Blue Archive’ Update Adds Cherry Blossom Festival Commotion Event

Mobile RPG ‘Blue Archive’ Update Adds Cherry Blossom Festival Commotion Event

Nexon has launched a new update for the NAT Games-developed Blue Archive, available now on iOS and Android devices in the west.

The update is the largest since the game’s launch in the west and adds new students, raid bosses, and a story event. Players can now recruit Izuna, leader of the Ninjutsu Research Club, and Shizuko, member of the Festival Operations Department, from the allied Hyakkiyako Academy to help combat foes invading the school festival.

The story event titled “Cherry Blossom Festival Commotion” has players enlist the help of Izuna who can use her “EX Skill,” which temporarily increases her attack speed after moving to a designated location. To increase accuracy and defense, Shizuko is also now available and, using her “EX Skill,” can cover her allies and boost their attacks.

In celebration of the game’s latest event story, publisher Nexon is offering 1200 Pyroxenes to users logged in on November 29. Players will also have the opportunity to exchange event rewards for rare items and accumulate event points to receive special bonuses, such as Pyroxenes, Eligma, and Credits.

Blue Archive is a new IP from the publisher led by Producer Yong-ha Kim, mainly collecting waifus and taking on story missions. The gameplay focuses on its narrative, where players will witness students’ daily lives at academies and clubs.

Gameplay features unique animation styles and a constantly changing, full-3D battle between students attending academies and clubs.

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