Detective Visual Novel “Bloody Chronicles” Exits Early Access and Gets Official Release Next Week

Igrasil Studio announced that their adventure visual novel Bloody Chronicles – New Cycle of Death will exit early access and officially launch on PC-via Steam on April 15.

Bloody Chronicles – New Cycle of Death tells the story of a serial killer, known as the Phantom, is on the loose and its up to the young detective Koyama Kazuki to stop him. Employed by a company known as Igrasil, Kazuki will investigate the murders as well as a series of seemingly unrelated cases as he inches closer to the truth. Evidently, he’s also trying to figure out who killed his parents because this is a visual novel and these things happen.

Luckily, Kazuki is not alone and will be accompanied by four partners: the Ishikawa siblings, Aki and Akito, Suzumi Misao, and Kaoru Moriyama. Throughout the game, players will be able to get closer to the characters and maybe even a potential romance can emerge from all this killing? We don’t really know, but there are some unlockable episodes call ing “IF mode” as well as a beach scene, so no worries if you’re looking for fan service. However, the adult DLC is planned to release soon.

The developer also has DLC characters planned for future episodes and support of the game. Additionally, the game is said to be over 30 hours long.

You can watch the trailer below:

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